• Rent your unit to us and we will handle all the others where you just sitback and relax. Currently, we are seeking for klang valley property only.
  • Guaranteed rental income for the lease period, even if the property is empty
  • If you are a landlord/owner, you can rent your property to us.
  • We are particularly keen to bring unused / vacant house back into use, such as holiday homes or empty properties.
  • If you own property which may be appropriate, please contact us.

The Process Includes

Giving you a copy of a draft rent agreement which you should seek for independent legal advice or talk to our legal partner.

Inspecting your property. We will only take on properties that meet set minimum standards

Doing any works necessary to bring the property up to that minimum standard. When the works have been completed, a further inspection is undertaken. If require, we will settle your necessary works and offset to your monthly rental.

Agreeing a date of entry and signing the agreement

The Benefits To You

Continuous rental collection from next 2 to 5 years.

Save on advertising, general admin fees, agent and/or third-party commission fees.
You do not have to manage the tenancy
We let the property and we are the landlord of the tenant

Rent paid a month in advance

We deal with all aspects of the tenancy, such as collecting rent and all the extra costs associated with letting a property
We guarantee to give the property back in the same condition as when it is first let, at no cost to you
Guaranteed vacant possession when the lease ends

What you must do (may involve a cost)

  • Undertake works required to bring the property up to our minimum standards
  • You must be the landlord/owner of the property.

Property Requirements

Minimum Requirement

  • Clean
  • Secure
  • No legal binding
  • Connected to electricity & water
  • Vacant during inspecting
  • No major or signs of dampness
General requirements include:
  • Safe access to the property
  • The property must be clean and tidy
  • The garden must be clear of rubbish and grass must be cut
  • Floors are stable and free from collapse or rot
  • Plaster on walls and ceilings is sound
  • Banisters and balustrades are safe
  • Doors and windows are in working order and windows double or secondary glazed and all catches in good working order
  • Internal glazing is intact and complies with safety standards
  • Gas and electrical supplies are in good and safe working order
  • Plumbing services are in good and safe working order
  • There will be a functioning bath or shower, toilet and wash hand basin Kitchen is clean

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